Atlanta lose to leave Chiefs as only undefeated team: NFL Week 4 review

America is sore. Again, it hurts from another senseless crime. Our thoughts and prayers are with Las Vegas and all those affected. After a dark week began in US history, we try to remember the comforts of the NFL in week 4; before this nightmare unfolded, we try. By Cameron Storer

There were two major shocks in week 4’s action, one I hinted at in my reviews, the other came out of nowhere.

‘The worst 3-0 team I’ve seen’ suffered their first loss in the ATL at the hands of the Bills. Tyrod Taylor threw for a TD and 182 yards -112 of those to Clay- in the winning effort, but crucially protected the football with zero INTs. Matt Ryan and the Falcons however, well they struggled all afternoon in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium as finally their luck ran out. Ryan completed just 24 of 42 passes thrown and threw 2 INTs against the Stout Buffalo D. ‘Matty Ice’ was not so cool on the final drive, failing to complete a pass to Gabriel on 4th & 1 at the Buffalo 10 yard line with just 48 seconds left; ending the game. There were no officials to come to their aid this week, as Buffalo sent a statement to the NFL with an impressive 23-17 win. It got better for Bills fans with the news coming down from Foxboro.

Is Cam Newton back, or is New England’s defence that bad?

I asked myself this question all night as I watched the Panthers roll out of Massachusetts with the W. Whatever the answer to that question one thing for is for sure: if it was not for Tom Brady, the Pats would be in a lot of trouble. The Patriots defence has been abysmal so far, they are in fact dead last in the NFL in many major stat categories. The Pats allowed the Panthers to score 33 points in their backyard, this team had scored a combined 45 points over their first 3 games! Newton did impress with over 300 yards and 3 TDs in the win, but is he back? I’m not going that far off of one game against an amateur defence. I would say the Pats should be concerned but then I’d be forgetting that they are in a weak division and have the greatest QB and head coach in history. I’m sure they’ll be fine. As for Carolina? Impressive so far, I must say. Speaking of impressive, how about them Chiefs?

If you love the NFL you have to love coach Andy Reid and if you love the Cowboys, you have to love what happened on Monday night to the Redskins. I am a yes to both, so I was a very happy boy Tuesday morning. Washington were right there with this game to win, and they did not. KC outscored the Redskins 22-10 in the second half as Washington saw their half time lead disintegrate. Kirk Cousins threw for 220 yards and 2 TDs in the game but it was all for naught. The final play of the game was a TD for KC’s big D-lineman Houston adding insult to injury and points to the 29-20 win as the Redskins offence looked disinterested in some lateral passes hoping for a miracle. A great night for the Chiefs who are now the only undefeated team left in the NFL at 4-0. As for Washington; the defeat sees them fall to 2-2 in an always competitive NFC East.

An exciting day in the NFL saw an overtime win and 7 of the remaining 13 games end in one possession scores; let’s go through them.


Quick Fire Reviews

The Packers beat down on the Bears on Thursday night at Lambeu. The Bears, who were coming off their first win of the year in week 3, were no match for the Pack. My fantasy player pick for this week, that baaaaaaaaad man #12 A-Rod was lethal with 4 passing TDs in the 35-14 GB win. The NFC North looks like a competitive one with the Pack joint first at 3-1. Unfortunately for Chicago, they seem far behind as the chase at 1-3. The Bears will give their 1st round pick Mitchell Trubisky his first NFL start next week against Minnesota, meanwhile Green Bay heads to Dallas….gulp.

A very one-sided affair again in London saw New Orleans shut out the Dolphins 20-0. Jay Cutler’s performance was reminiscent of Flacco’s a week early at Wembley as it was a no show for the fins. You can’t afford a bad offensive display at the best of times in the NFL, but never when you’re facing Drew Brees – an easy win for WHODAT nation. The Saints have won back-to-back games and are back in the mix in the NFC South. A tasty division, which does not have a losing record in it, sees Carolina, Tampa, and Atlanta all off to a hot start.

The biggest grudge match in the NFL was pretty one sided in all fairness, a damp squid if you will. Big Ben rolled into Baltimore on the back of a disappointing loss to Chicago a week prior, but I’m sure all is forgiven as the yellow and black beat down their arch rivals 26-9. Flacco and the Ravens offence again struggled, and they have now only scored 1 TD in the last 8 quarters of football they’ve played. A promising start has taken a severe hit with back-to-back losses for the Ravens leaving them at an unfulfilled 2-2. Pittsburgh are back on track and stand alone atop the AFC North at 3-1.


In my defence, I called this as one of my upsets of the week.  I said the Rams would win and they did. The Rams are the real deal, they are not the 3-1 team that finished 4-12 last year, they have a high-powered offence, and a legit defence. The Cowboys actually made major improvements on their offensive performances this week but the Rams offence was just too good for a Dallas D without its defensive QB; Sean Lee. The NFC East will go right down to the wire as it always does; the Cowboys are 1 game off the lead. As for the Rams, if their record is anything like it usually is against the division, this could be their year.

After that, let’s cheer myself up a bit; the Giants lost, on another, I love this sport, walk off field goal. Tampa Bay walked off winners 25-23 as Eli, Odell and the NYG fall to 0-4, what a time to be alive. The Giants season hopes are in severe danger, they COULD be 2-2 level with the Cowboys and Redskins right now, but they are not, such is life. Tampa rebound from disappointment in Minnesota to get back on track in the competitive NFC South.

Houston tore apart a Tennessee team that I thought was improving, shows what I know. The Texans beat down the Titans 57-14 in a divisional game, which looked like the equivalent of Manchester City v Alfreton Town’s under 16s. Watson impressed with 4 TDs in the win for Houston. Back to the drawing board for the Titans, that was embarrassing.

Detroit rebounded from an official TV replay abomination last week with a crucial 14-7 win in Minneapolis against their divisional rival Vikings. The win saw them move to a joint lead with the Pack at 3-1. We know that the Lions can play offence under Stafford , but if that defence holds up as it did in this one, NFL beware; the Lions are legit. As for Minnesota, Keenums inconsistency shone through, they are missing Bridgewater big time.

The Eagles flew high again with another win, this time in LA. The Chargers appear to lose every game by either one possession or in the final minutes of a game, and this one was no exception. 26-24 the Eagles won as they pounded more misery on the 0-4 Chargers. As someone who despises franchise moves, I somewhat feel smug that they are 0-4, take that Chargers owner Alex Spanos. Although I do feel for Phillip Rivers and the coaching staff. The guys can’t catch a break.

Staying in the AFC West and the Broncos kept on the tails of KC with an invaluable win over Oakland 16-10. A nail biter at Mile High saw the Broncos D show up again. Von Miller’s squad allowed just 3 2nd half points to be scored against them as they slugged out a defensive fist fight. A costly defeat sees the Raiders fall to 2-2 and they look a shadow of their offensive powerhouse from last season. As for Denver, they have a valid defence and will be there come the winter.

Marvin Lewis won a game. You read that right; Marvin Lewis won a game. The battle for Ohio went a lot like it usually does; Bengals win. 31-7 though? Wow…Imagine being a Browns fan, how rough. The city of Cleveland is again unfulfilled by this NFL season, I just don’t know where to begin with them, they’re season is done. The Bengals season is also done, but they have looked better in the last two weeks. What an irrelevant game, what a waste of a paragraph…at least you know.

I’ll make this one much more meaningful, I swear. Arizona got back to winning ways with a 18-15 win over the 49ers as San Francisco still look for their first win. The Jets secured an overtime win over the Jaguars by 23 points to 20 to move to 2-2. Many pundits didn’t have the Jets winning 1 game, let alone 2. The Seahawks scored an impressive 46 points to beat down the Colts; 46-18. I should probably have given them a paragraph but they’re irrelevant so why bother? I still haven’t gotten over the Marvin Lewis para, sorry folks.


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