The first medals, GB back in action and a unified Korea: Winter Olympics Recap

By Iain Leggat

The Olympics today returned with its first full day of sport. Great Britain were out in action, the first medals of the games were earned, and South Korea was already proving why it’s going to be a memorable host.

Here’s a look back at some of my best moments from Day 1. Ranging from my weird inside thoughts from the day, highlights from Team GB and my personal highlight from the day’s action.


Top 3 Weirdest Inside Thoughts From Day 1

  1. Luge is utterly terrifying and anyone who participates in it is a lunatic.
  2. Short Track racing has to be the most entertaining sport in the world.
  3. The Norwegian flag is the coolest out there.


Mixed Results for GB

Elise Christie grabbed the headlines today, gliding through to the quarter-finals of the 500m in the short track competition.

It was a fulfilling sight after the heartbreak of 2014. She came with a point to prove holding the World Champion tagline, but she set down a firm marker.

Christie has been the poster girl for Team GB and is the brightest medal hope. Seeing her put in a performance as powerful as that is a positive sign for the rest of the Games.

Meanwhile, Jamie Nicholls failed to qualify for the Men’s Slopestyle Final.

A very sad sight indeed. An incredible build up and he is bustling with talent. It just wasn’t his day.

The story of the event was the tough judges and Jamie was on the end of it. He produced a solid first run with an excellent top rail section, but the judges gave him a low 70 score. It wasn’t enough.

He fell on his second run and it was all over.

He’ll be back with his teammate Billy Morgan, who also failed to qualify for the final, in the Men’s Big Air event, which is making its Olympic debut. Hopefully there is some redemption for Jamie, but a disappointing day for the men’s snowboarders.


What’s Been Awesome

The first medal of the games was awarded to Sweden’s Charlotte Kella who built an unstoppable lead in the Women’s Skiathlon.

It was great sight. The Olympics had really begun, the first medal had been given out and what a win it was.

But in the Olympics the headline doesn’t always go to gold. Norwegian Marit Bjorgen got the silver, the 11th medal of her career, and in the process became the most decorated female Olympian of all time. A great story for a great athlete.

The race itself was fantastic. Nordic Skiing doesn’t get the headlines until the Olympic year, but boy oh boy it can deliver some excellent racing. Stay tuned for more skiing action.


Headline of the Day

A unified Korea team took to the ice in the Women’s Ice Hockey competition.

This will be one of the leading headlines from the Olympics this year.

A momentous day and it could really be seen from the images on the TV. The fans were in full support of the team and despite the team losing 8-0, it was a memorable game.


Personal Highlight

My first personal highlight of the Olympics was the Men’s Individual Downhill Ski Jump.

Ski Jumping has never really caught my attention, apart from the occasional viewing of Eddie the Eagle.

This year I decided to put in the effort. Was it worth it? Hell yes it was. What an event and what a sport.

It is utterly mesmerizing to watch when the athletes are in form and today’s men’s final delivered just that.


Tomorrow watch out for Aimee Fuller in the Women’s Slopestyle and Andrew Musgrave in the Men’s 15km Skiathlon. Iain will be back with more of his thoughts and musings from the 2018 Winter Olympics.


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