Shawn White steals the show, GB’s curlers take to the ice: Winter Olympics Recap

By Iain Leggat

PyeongChang 2018 is nearly a week old, and Day 5 brought its most action packed day yet, despite more Alpine Skiing being halted by the weather.

Shaun White was challenged all the way in the Men’s Halfpipe Final, Team GB’s curlers finally began their campaign and the most unusual looking sport, Double Luge, was as eye-catching as ever.

Here’s a look back at some of my best moments from Day 5, ranging from my weird inside thoughts of the day, highlights from Team GB and my personal highlight from the day’s action.


Top 3 Weirdest Inside Thoughts From Day 5

  1. What was I doing at the age of 17 if some kids are winning Olympic medals?
  2. Double Luge…hahahahahahahaha
  3. If only I had the grace of a figure skater


GB’s Curling Looking Good

Both the men and women’s Curling teams got underway in the round robin stages with the men winning their opening match against Switzerland and losing against gold medal favourites Canada.

Eve Muirhead and her team put in a dominant performance against the Athletes From Russia, to win their opening match 10-3.

Both teams getting a win under their belt is a start, and the Men shouldn’t feel too disappointed with a loss against Canada. Their win against the Swiss was a tight game but they showed great tactical discipline to get the win in an extra leg after a tied game.

Team Muirhead will be very satisfied, and rightly so. No better way to get back on the Olympic ice than a commanding display like they showed.

What’s Been Awesome

Korea had two moments of glory today that have meant so much to the home crowd.

The first was the North Korean figure skaters Ryom Tae-ok and Kim Ju-sik making their Olympic debut. They put on a wonderful performance to ‘A Day in the Life’ by the Beatles.

The most beautiful part was the ovation they received after, the stadium erupted in support for the pair, as everyone knew it was a moment in history for the Korean Peninsula.

The second was Korea’s first goal in the Women’s Ice Hockey event. Sitting at 2-0 down against Japan, the United Korea team scored their first goal of the tournament and the fans went wild.

The BBC commentator said “this arena stands and they wave their flags.” I only wish the microphone picked up the decibel level of the stadium.

They went on to lose the game 3-1 but that goal is a special moment for a historic team.

These events are just two examples of several moments during the games that have publicly displayed the unity between the North and South Korean athletes and supporters.


Headline of the Day

An epic battle between Shaun White, Scotty James and Ayuma Hirano made the Men’s Halfpipe Final the best event of the Games so far.

It had everythings. A compelling storyline, intense rivalry between the highly competitive Scotty James and the old guard of Shaun White, and it had every athlete in the field going all out pulling out their best runs.

Shaun White showed his dominance on his first run, laying down a 94.25. It was then all about Hirano who took the lead with a incredible 95.25. But with the last run of the day Shaun White put on the one of the best rides of his career and layed down a 97.75 for the gold medal.

The biggest crowd of the Olympics gathered to witness the event and they got a show. Shaun White chucked his helmet in the air after his first run. Everyone was pumped up as snowboarding’s blue ribbon event lived up to its potential.


Personal Highlight

The return of the men’s double luge.

It’s the most ridiculous sight in sport but it’s also very enticing.

I couldn’t help but have so much respect for the riders. I can’t imagine anything being scarier than riding a luge. So why not just chuck another person on one to make it worst?

Watch out tomorrow for more Team GB curling action, the Men’s Snowboard Cross event (arguably one of the most exciting of the games) and the Men’s Downhill. Iain will also be back with more of his thoughts from the 2018 Winter Olympics.



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