Why Edinburgh’s New Stadium Anthem Should Be ‘For The Glory’

Every good stadium has a recognisable anthem for gamedays, so as Edinburgh Rugby continue to develop their playing abilities and look forward to the opening of their new stadium outside of BT Murrayfield, ‘For the Glory’ seems like an apt choice of anthem.

Edinburgh will hope to build a fan base big enough to begin selling out their new stadium. (Photo: Edinburgh Rugby twitter)

It is no secret that Richard Cockerill is building a culture and a way of playing at Edinburgh Rugby. It has been his goal since arriving in the capital in 2017. And he’s been uncompromisingly vocal about it being a long term goal rather than any quick fix. Despite recent bouts of success, he has held firm that his team’s journey is far from complete.

This 2019/20 season alone, Edinburgh have charted 10 wins from 13 games in the Pro14 with a further 4 in 6 European Challenge Cup clashes – leading to a play-off berth. This run of form was internationally rewarded when 16 of Cockerill’s men were named in the Scotland training squad for the 2020 Six Nations tournament.

Such results were all built upon the growth shown in the 2017/18 and 2018/19 seasons respectively. During the former, Edinburgh charted a win over each of the four Irish provinces in the Pro14 as well as advancing to the Challenge Cup quarter finals, losing out to a strong Cardiff Blues side. Meanwhile, the latter season saw a venture into the Champions Cup produce thrilling games against high calibre teams the likes of Montpellier and Toulon, though away form in the Pro14 suffered.

Throughout all of this evolution, a number of interesting prospect players have risen through the club’s ranks. In the backline, Scottish qualified talents Darcy Graham and Blair Kinghorn have lit up the field and danced their way through opposition defences whilst South African winger Duhan Van Der Merwe has been a one man tackle breaking machine.

The centre partnerships are a-plenty for Cockerill as Olympian Mark Bennett has found a clear groove with the promising George Taylor, whilst Chris Dean and James Johnstone are a like-minded team when fit.

In the forward pack, Cockerill seems to be inundated with strength, technique, grit and determination. The back-row is well handled by Magnus Bradbury, Jamie Ritchie and Hamish Watson, whilst reinforcements are bolstered by Bill Mata, Nick Haining and Luke Crosbie.

Further forward, Lewis Carmichael has enjoyed a successful season returning from long-term injury and prop Pierre Schoeman has fast endeared himself to teammates and fans alike.

One major aspect Edinburgh seem to lack at times is a strong, regular atmosphere created within their grandstands – the kind that teams like Leinster and Munster boast at the RDS Arena and Thomond Park. Last year, 2019, saw the commencement of construction on the new, purpose built, Edinburgh stadium with work expected to be complete at some stage in the new season.

A song which seems to encapsulate the sentiment of all this was first brought to my attention by my 17-year-old little sister. A chance turn at being in charge of the auxiliary cable for music in the car saw her introduce me to it. As she placed the song in her playlist queue, she stated she thought it would be perfect for Edinburgh games. Any sense of uncertainty in her choice dissipated as the song began to fill the car.

All Good Things’ ‘For the Glory’ seemed a rather fitting match for an ever-evolving, determined Edinburgh team. The lyrics aligned with so many aspects of their game…

Could Edinburgh slowly, but surely be building a dynasty? (Photo: Edinburgh Rugby twitter)

“Better back down, you’re in my domain”

If there’s a better opening lyric for a song to christen a new stadium, I’m yet to find one. Implying confidence in team ability, it could build on the renowned fortress nature of a full BT Murrayfield.

With the purpose built stadium housing a more realistic capacity, Edinburgh will surely be looking to build a strong, home base in much the same way as Glasgow Warriors worked to sell out Scotstoun week-in, week-out.

“Why you shaking, we’re a dynasty; In the making, we’re the royalty; Now we’re breaking down the enemy; Move over for the soldiers”

Edinburgh have a wealth of established, experienced players integrated with youthful, determined prospects to boast the forming of a dynasty. Foundations of the club trace back to the first ever inter-district match with Glasgow Warriors in 1872, and they have been a pillar of Scottish club rugby since.

Onlookers must also admit that, in its current incarnation, Edinburgh is one of the Pro14 teams – along with the likes of Leinster and Munster – which oppositions do not want to force themselves into an arm wrestle with, for they can be fierce when their backs are pushed against the wall.

“Take a swing, I can take a hit; If we die it’s fine, we live for this; It’s all for this”

There is a fairly large group of players within the current squad who have the distinction of claiming Edinburgh as the one and only professional side they have played for. The team seems to have successfully built a strong culture of commitment and dedication to the club. They look to fear no foe, and it’s no wonder when they have a good deal of enforcers who take no issue with holding their ground for a cause.

“Yeah, we’ve waited, for our time to come; Calculated everything we’ve done; We’ve upgraded, now you can’t outrun a champion; Now you’re facing one”

The list of former Edinburgh players is filled with star internationals, British and Irish Lions representatives, and world-class southern hemisphere talents. And yet, it does not have the success to mirror the number of players of that calibre. The club is one which has most certainly waited for its championship days. It seems a corner has been turned, with the calculations of Richard Cockerill, and the current Edinburgh side seem to understand, more than any other in recent years, what it will take to be a champion.

“Can’t wait to say that we did it, this is my life and I live it; Ready to give it my all when you; Fall back, taking advantage of all that”

The relief, joy and sense of achievement a team must feel when they finally claim a championship is demonstrated here. As too are a couple of the necessary traits it would take to reach that final pinnacle – dedication (in giving it your all) and craftiness (in taking advantage of your situation or opponent’s weakness).

“Hear the hometown cheer, it’s the ultimate high; For the glory; We do it for the glory”

To accomplish all that they may have in mind, and to celebrate fittingly, Edinburgh need this new stadium to cultivate a larger, stronger following. To run out to their new stadium, filled to its capacity and hear a roar alike to the one Scotland receive during test matches at BT Murrayfield. To look up at stadium lights knowing they have played for all they are worth, and that a home crowd has appreciated and applauded it.


And so, whilst there may be no live rugby union right now, there are plenty of past games being broadcast by both Scottish Rugby, Edinburgh Rugby and many more channels on YouTube to quench your thirst for updating your knowledge of the capital side and its players. An ongoing lockdown also leaves plenty of time to learn some lyrics or find your own anthem of choice for the new stadium.

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