The Fantasy Ramble – Double Gameweek Shenanigans

We’re back! After taking a break over Christmas, the Fantasy Ramble returns with more insightful and thought-out tips for your Fantasy Premier League teams ahead of this weekend’s batch of fixtures.

Jack Donnelly is joined by regular panellists in Struan Garvie and Jamie Mcintosh, while also welcoming ENRG Extra Time’s Seán McGill for the first time, with Seán having only just discovered what a Wildcard is.

With more fixtures than usual to cover, the boys forego their usual system and have an open conversation about how well they believe each team will fare across their match(es). There’s chat about Manchester City’s inevitable rotation, a renewed sense of importance in the rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester United, whether things at Chelsea are that bad and how impressive the likes of West Ham and Aston Villa have been this season.

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