The Football Round Up – Rangers invincible, Scotland squad predictions and Atléti’s potential title

With the football season rounding down, the Football Round Up descends into chaos as Jack Donnelly is joined by Seán McGill, Taylor Murray and Cameron Wanstall.

In Big Question, the team reminisce about the 2020/21 season as it draws to a close, discussing their best and funniest moments from a season like no other – yes, the Celtic Park shark and Brora’s win over Hearts do come up.

In a ridiculously long-winded Chewin’ the Football, there’s a lengthy discussion about a momentous season for Rangers (and the scenes that followed), the prospect of having Kilmarnock in the Championship and what we’re expecting Steve Clarke’s Scotland squad to look like for the Euros this summer.

In a shortened Last Ditch Challenge, the team rope in the biggest stories from England and discuss the FA Cup final, Alisson’s goal for Liverpool and the culmination of the season in Spain, with both Madrid teams vying for the title.

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