Rocks lose out to league leaders as Harris shines

The Glasgow Rocks faced a tough test against league leaders Leicester Riders at the Emirates Arena on Sunday evening. Jessica Matthewson reports.

Photo Credit – Emma Barton

A stream of sunlight found its way through the dark clouds and stormy winds outside the Emirates Arena on Sunday night. A sign perhaps of hope for the home team, Glen Luss Glasgow Rocks, as they faced the current league leaders, Leicester Riders. 

The passion of the Rocks fans was almost as overwhelming as the familiar smell of hotdogs and game snacks. The lights were set, the announcer hollered his welcomes, the teams were warmed up and ready to go – the anticipation was high. 

Riders won the tip-off in this BBL Championship game, but it was the Rocks’ Alasdair Fraser who took the first basket of the match, breaking through the defence with ease. Riders retaliated with numerous easy shots, leaving the home team with no choice but to call a timeout in the third minute of the game. Riders power forward Jubril Adekoya brought the action with a massive dunk causing the away team to get on their feet in celebration. The first quarter finished 17-33 to Leicester. 

The second quarter began with Rocks possession, but it was Riders that controlled the pace of the game. The referee calls were not in favour of the home team, and they began to crumble as their opponents’ shots fell in every time. The half time buzzer went with the score a gloomy 37-68 to Riders. 

Both teams came out rested and eager after their 15-minute break. Rocks were looking to close the large gap in the second half however Riders showed their skill both offensively and defensively, therefore extending the point difference. Frustration could be seen on the Rocks players’ faces and a technical foul was called on Fraser for arguing with the refs. Leicester took this as a green light to continue their control of the game and ended the third with an immense 44 points leaving the score as 46-90 to the away team.

Entering the fourth quarter, the Rocks team were clearly spurred on by their home court advantage and cheers from their fans. As if this finally woke the team up, they presented some energetic plays and showed some real skill on the court. Nevertheless, it was too late in the grand scheme of the match. Defensively, Riders were challenged by the determined Scottish team and had team fouls in the final minutes but once they got to 100 points, the game was a given. 

The final score stood 76-105 to the away side, with MVP being awarded to Rocks guard Jordan Harris. 

The Glen Luss Glasgow Rocks are looking for a win at their next game as they play the Sheffield Sharks on Sunday 27th February.

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