Meet the Team

Jack Donnelly

Jack Donnelly is a third year Journalism student and the editor of ENRG Sport. Jack specialises in football, but would watch and write about a wide variety of sports, including Formula 1, boxing and basketball. Jack enjoys insightful, if sometimes heated, discussions surrounding sport and can be found leading said discussions as host of both The Football Round Up and The Fantasy Ramble podcasts. A supporter of Ayr United, Lando Norris and everything involving Kurt Zouma, Jack hopes to break into sports broadcasting in the future.

Alex Grant

Alex Grant is a fourth year Journalism student and provides the majority of ENRG Sports’ tennis coverage. A football & tennis buff, he is a lifelong supporter of Manchester United, as well as both Andy Murray & Rafael Nadal. When he is not suffering through matches, he can be found watching F1 & NFL, supporting Lewis Hamilton & the Philadelphia Eagles. Alex hopes to make a career for himself in the future as a sports reporter/broadcaster.

Struan Garvie

Struan Garvie is a third year Journalism student hailing from the mighty Stirlingshire, although do not refer to it as “The Shire” as Struan is not very tall. A supporter of Hibernian FC and the holder the illustrious title of “Scott McTominay’s number 1 fan,” Struan’s favourite sport is football; however, he is also a fan of rugby, darts, basketball, athletics and will watch a Wrestlemania here or there. Struan hopes to break into the world of sports journalism when he graduates.

Jamie Mcintosh

Jamie Mcintosh is a third year journalism student and long suffering Hearts fan. Football would be his speciality however he’s also a huge fan of boxing, ice hockey, Formula 1 and golf. Jamie also follows cricket and darts – if you can class them as sports! Jamie hopes to work in the sports commentating industry one day.

Taylor Murray

Taylor Murray is a third-year Journalism student who is obsessed with sports. He has followed and played football his entire life, experiencing the highs and lows that the game offers. Although football is a huge part of Taylor’s life, he watches an array of sports. From the roaring tracks of the Monaco Grand Prix, to the calmness and concentration of potting the black at the World Snooker Championships or as the final rounds of the boxing comes to a close, Taylor is usually watching on with great interest. Taylor is aiming to play a key figure within the sporting broadcasting industry as his love for sports has helped him develop a passion for Journalism.

Steven Brown

Steven Brown is a third year journalism student and reporter for Edinburgh Rugby home games. Steven specialises in rugby – a keen supporter of Scotland but is it Glasgow Warriors or Edinburgh he supports? He just can’t make up his mind, so you can be rest assured of impartiality. Steven also has a deep knowledge of Marathon running – he has run the London and Edinburgh races in the past few years. Steven has many ideas for after university – he loves reporting on everything and anything; his future may seem unclear but he does not fear to shape it.

Alasdair Russell

Alasdair Russell is a third year journalism student and is a fan of virtually all forms of motorsport, though Formula 1 is his specialist subject. Also a fan of football, Alasdair can be found most Saturdays despairing over the combined heartbreak of supporting Ferrari and Dundee United at the same time. Alasdair hopes to end up reporting and writing from various race tracks around the world once he leaves university.

Graeme Sinclair

Graeme Sinclair is a third-year journalism student who will happily watch any sport that’s on the TV, even cricket. As with 95% of the country, football is Graeme’s number 1 sport, and he’s a Rangers & Liverpool supporter. Graeme’s also a big fan of many other sports. From MMA & the NBA, to Formula 1 & Golf. Graeme hopes to make his passion for sport a career one day, and his goal is to be able to travel the world attending & covering major sporting events. Graeme can be found as a contributor to any of ENRG Sport’s three wonderful football podcasts & occasionally Graeme will also write a little. He hopes to write more for ENRG sport this upcoming year.

Seán McGill

Seán McGill is a second-year Journalism student and a huge advocate of Scottish football. Despite being a long-suffering Kilmarnock fan, he loves the chaotic and volatile nature of the game in Scotland. He’s also a big fan of MMA, NFL & plenty other sports too. Seán loves asking questions and encouraging good debate, and can be found stirring the pot as the host on our weekly football podcast ENRG Extra Time.

Cameron Wanstall

Cameron Wanstall is a second-year Journalism student and co-hosts ENRG Sport’s Extra Time podcast. Cameron’s primary interest is football, but also follows the NBA. A supporter of Heart of Midlothian and any compelling underdog. Enjoys impulsively dying his hair blonde before he’s asked to take a professional photo for the ENRG Sport website.